"People don't know what they want,untill you show it to them- Steve Jobs"

Security is an important aspect of any application, but startup have their own priorities.You can't ignore the security part. One bug is enough to ruin your business,no one like to get hacked or use a buggy application.

We are a team of security experts. We've responsibly disclosed security vulnerabilities to well known companies like Facebook, Twitter ,Yahoo , Dropbox , Github and many more.

we provide Web and Mobile applications security testing ,PHP based web application development at negotiable price.
Pay only for the bug,not for the time. We do believe in karma and making relations.

What they say about us

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Shrad Rao


Manish is an all-round good guy. He is a skilled web security researcher but I get a sense that he would be great at pretty much anything he puts his mind to. He has a bright future ahead and any company would be lucky to get him onboard and give him a chance to blow them away with his commitment, passion and integrity

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Thomas Schranz

CEO and CO-FOUNDER,Blossom

Manish disclosed a potential security vulnerability to us and was very helpful in explaining a potential vector of attack as well as how to prevent it. Manish definitely knows what he is doing and has demonstrated to us his passion for the web as application platform.

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Jeff Zabel

CO-Founder and Cheif Product Officer,Datahero

Manish reached out to us after using DataHero and was extremely helpful and professional in disclosing a potential security vulnerability. He clearly has a great sense of web application security and had great recommendations on how to remedy most security issues. As a startup, we were grateful for Manish's support.