Hi👋🏼, I am
Manish Bhattacharya

Security Engineer, Consultant, Startup Enthusiast

It was September 2013, when I received my first ever bounty from Asana, next week Facebook rewarded me $5000 for reporting security issues in their messenger & notes. Since then, this is what I do for a living... find and fix security bugs.

I've received the prestigious Google vulnerability Research Grant 8 times and one of my reports was presented by Google security team at Ruhrsec in Germany.

Most recently, I was a security engineer at SynapseFI. These days I help startups as a consultant.

Previously I have worked at Locus, HackerEarth, Zomato, and Limetray.

You can find some of my old interviews on YourStory, NDTV and Economic Times.

Making the internet more secure

One at a time

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Manish Bhattacharya