Hello, I am Manish!

Application Security Engineer & Fintech Enthusiast

It was September 2013 when I received my first ever bounty from Asana, and next week, Facebook rewarded me $5000 for reporting security issues in their messenger & notes. Since then, this is what I do for a living... find and fix security bugs.

In 2017, one of my reports was presented by Google's security team at Ruhrsec in Germany. As of January 2021, I've received the prestigious Google vulnerability Research Grant 14 times.

Recently, I was part of Entrepreneur First, Bengaluru - where I worked on a personal finance startup. Previously, I have worked at SynapseFi, Locus, HackerEarth, Zomato, and Limetray.

These days I consultant startups with their security, recent works include(not an extensive list) Netmatrix Solutions, QuantInsti, HackerEarth, Delta Exchange, Earthmiles, Unstoppable Domains, and more.

If you run an early-stage startup, we should talk!

You can check out my TEDx and find some of my old interviews on YourStory, NDTV, and Economic Times.

Making the internet more secure:

I have contributed to the security of...

Manish Bhattacharya