I'm an independent security consultant and bug bounty hunter.

I've successfully participated in major bug bounties and discovered flaws in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Github, Dropbox, Uber, Pinterest and more. I have received 5X research grants from Google for sensitive product security research.

One of my security reports was presented by Google security team at RuhrSec in Germany.

I often participate in bug bounties on Hackerone and Bugcrowd.
I've also helped 100+ YC startups with their security.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Shobhit University, Meerut in 2015.

I've interned at HackerEarth and worked at Limetray, Locus, and Zomato.

As an early remote employee at SynapseFI I wore multiple hats.
Once in a while, I write code to automate my job, and of course, I can build websites like this.

When I'm not busy hacking, I study growth hacking, marketing (referred 1200+ users to Unocoin through their affiliate program), read books, workout, click pictures, write on my blog and Quora.

Once in a while, I discuss security with the press.

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